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Who are Accenture's key competitors?

2 Answers

Talk about Deloitte's consulting arm, IBM, EY, some of the local consulting firms (e.g. Datacom, Intergen, etc.)

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What sales experience have you had?

1 Answer

Regarding my knowledge and process of how i'd conduct an assignment

1 Answer

What skills and experience do you bring to the role?

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What can you bring to the company?

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Why did I think I was the right person for the role.

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The case I had to do was a hotel turnaround case. How do modern hotels stay relevant with the appearance of platforms such as Airbnbs.....

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Are you comfortable consulting as a sole team member with a client?

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Please tell us about you.

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STAR (Situation, Task, Action & Result) scenario for successfully overcoming client objection. How did I help the client in a situation where the client was very angry? What was the reason? What was my action? What was the result?

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