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Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions
Lecturer was asked...26 May 2013

some difficult questions will come read the concept perfectly

3 Answers




Republic Polytechnic
Lecturer was asked...11 December 2012

Why are you divorced?

3 Answers

It was nothing to do with this job

I was similarly asked very personal questions that were irrelevant to the position and that would have been illegal elsewhere. Specifically, was explicitly discriminated against for not being married or being in a relationship. Less

Just wondering would you mind disclosing which department is it

Monash University
Lecturer was asked...18 January 2019

Describe your education and research background.

2 Answers

Make sure your understanding of resources-based view, system theory, and stakeholder theory effective on OP Less

Provide theoretical, practical, and methodological implications

Liverpool John Moores University

Why did you choose our university?

2 Answers

Because your university more develop than where i work now and also you have more facilities to develop my career specially in research area Less

Because your university more develop than where i work now and also you have more facilities to develop my career specially in the research area Less

San José State University

How would you handle a disruptive student?


i dont think any thing was unexpected

2 Answers


I have no understand

American International University-Bangladesh

Are you ready to sign a 3 year bond at limited salary? How do you expect us to believe that your loyalty will lie with AIUB? Why don't you have a PhD?

2 Answers

It depends on the other benefits. Loyalty cuts both way; I think it is a tiny bit unfair to expect loyalty from a candidate who is in the process of job seeking, when the organization itself has not made a decision to choose her/him out of all the other candidates, but once appointed, I will be able to prove my worth. I believe that the ability to teach should not be judged only based on higher level of education; what good is a useless PhD if it can't translate to knowledge base for the next generation; I feel that I have taught enough MBA students to know how they function and I am affirmative that I can perform as a lecturer regardless of a PhD because I emphasize a great deal on self learning. Less

Depend on the facilities and salary. Didn't want to peruse PhD

RESONANCE Eduventures Pvt

What was experience and all? What is expectation of salary

2 Answers

2 years

7 years experience Per month 4 lakhs

City of Bristol College
Lecturer was asked...2 October 2019

How would you handle confrontation

2 Answers

How would you measure student progress

I real with confrontations and problema trying to solve é bem in a prática way , quickly and without prejudica to the parties Less

Why do you want to teach at a college?

2 Answers

I want to share my knowledge and experience with the young generation.

No Thai has ever invented anything that has had a positive impact on the world community. Perhaps just perhaps we can inspire them to greatness. Less

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