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Bad experience - Independent Consultant Wildtree Herbs Employee Review

    1. 2.0
      9 Jun 2019
      Independent Consultant
      Former Freelancer, more than 1 year
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      The food is great. We were customers before consultants. Healthy, easy, and really delicious.


      Staff was pretty bad. We were ultimately bullied out of our market by other consultants. Higher ups made us leave local markets so other consultants could attend instead. If you have other independent consultants, get ready for a turf war because that what it feels like. I would never recommend working with Wildtree to anyone. Waste of time and money.

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      1. 5.0
        25 Feb 2018
        Anonymous Contractor
        Current Contractor
        CEO Approval
        Business Outlook


        It has an excellent product that is easy to stand behind.


        None that I know of

        1. 3.0
          5 Jul 2022
          Independent Representative
          Former Contractor, more than 1 year
          Phoenix, AZ
          CEO Approval
          Business Outlook


          The product is good quality


          Compensation is not very high for reps

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