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What’s the difference between Soap Services and Web Api?

1 Answer

Very general question to which they gave a feedback that I danced around answering it. If you want specific answers, ask specific questions. If you don’t know what you want, don’t waste everyone’s time.

Written test based on customer service. Role plays are the major part of interviews to test your objection handling skills.

2 Answers

SOLD principle

1 Answer

No questions were asked. I was told what to do. I informed about the days I would be available.

I paid a number of cheques into the bank and this is showing as a single deposit in the bank. What is the quickest way to reconcile this bank statement line to the 3 invoices I received payment for ?

1 Answer

[Technical Interviewer] The difference between Dynamic Lookup and Static Lookup in Informatica

[Technical Interviewer] You have a flat file and it is readable, correct encoding, no header included, correct delimiter and fields size ... It is not readable in Informatica giving Reader Outstanding Error. What is the reason?

1 Answer

[Managerial Interviewer] Describe Data Governance in two sentences.

[Technical Interview] How to normalize table data in Informatica without using Normalizer/ IBM Pivot table?

1 Answer

what makes you feel most satisfied in past work experiences?

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