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Associate Interview Questions in Hyderabad, India


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Joining date, experiences etc were asked.

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I got a call on confirming my selection 10 days back and dint receive the offer Letter yet, what could be the reason?

When did you appeared for the online assessment? What's your location?

Number Series : 1 6 12 13 19 _

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What is your dream job ?

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If the rate of $/Rs. was 50 in december and in march it is 45, has the dollar appreciated or depreciated and what does this mean for Indian exporters?

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In Array find largest second number ?

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HR asked me do you believe in God and why ? But i dont believe said by HR.

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journal entry for credit purchases and credit sales. golden rules of accounting diff between cash flow and funds flow what is the journal entry in pass book for depositing cash into bank

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1.difference between abstract class,interface

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programming 1) print pattern 2,3,5,7,......

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What are the accountimg rules

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