What does a Scholar do?

Scholars perform academic research at an educational institution or research facility. Their role is usually established for a pre-determined period of time and supported by a grant, endowment, or other source of designated funding. Their research is often of a highly technical or scientific nature. They perform research through a variety of information gathering methods that may include testing, experimentation, or investigations. They compile and document their research and prepare reports summarizing their findings. The role may also involve duties as an instructor or lecturer. They may also serve as a mentor to fellows, researchers, or students.

Scholars typically have an advanced degree in their field of expertise, along with extensive knowledge in that subject area. They must have excellent research skills and strong investigative abilities. Teaching experience is helpful.

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Average Years of Experience

0 - 1
2 - 4
5 - 7

Scholar Seniority Levels

28% made the transition
Team Member
70% made the transition
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